June 2015

"Nick" Reunion in Portland, Oregon

Once the Nicholas was decommissioned, it was sold off to Zidell Marine in Portland for scrap metal. The mast was donated to the Portland Sea Scouts where it was stationed along the Columbia River across from the Portland Airport.

Participants of the Nick Reunion, held in Portland June 2015, collected around the mast for a photo op flanking the Roadrunner flag subsequently donated to the USS Missouri when they reconvened in Hawaii for the 2017 reunion (seen above). The Nicholas Veterans Association appropriately had a replica made for the mast.

In 2020, the Airport Authority informed the Sea Scouts that all the docks and structures along the stretch of river near the airport would have to be moved or demolished. The Nicholas Veterans Association was informed leading member Bill Linn (TM3, 69-70) to initiate action. He organized and supervised dismantling the mast and moving it to the Veterans Memorial Museum in Chehalis, WA near his hometown.

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